Need a lift? Me, too.

Welcome. Glad you found me. It’s been a rough day, in a rough month.

I do it to myself. Such high expectations for everyone; no one goes unscathed.

Life is good, but life is hard. I find myself needing more of certain things to keep going.

More and more often, I find I need extra:

  • inspiration
  • encouragement
  • gratitude
  • perserverance
  • cheer
  • praise
  • optimism
  • a break
  • a laugh
  • a hand
  • a hug
  • a cheering section

While I can’t give you all those things from a blog post, I hope the short and sweet posts I plan here can help you, too, on your journey forward. We need to support one another as we make our solo journeys toward our goals.

What are your goals? What are you working toward on that long hard road? 

I’ll go first. I’m trying to go from “Unpublished” author to “Published Author” with my first middle grade novel. I have been writing to get published for several years and have several unpublished picture books under my belt that are still looking for a home. But gathering the courage to face yet another rejection letter and keep on writing in spite of…everything. That takes more faith than a normal person has on most days.

I’m not so young or fresh-faced. In fact, my 25th high school reunion is this year. I don’t go to these things, but they do mark a right of passage and encourage a  look at our winding path to the present. It’s been a loooong path. I’ve overcome many obstacles and I’m still standing. I have been blessed beyond measure.

That’s all good, but I have these goals, things I know I’ve been put here to do. So I’ll keep working toward them.

Now that I’ve posted my longest entry here, I’ll be quiet. Let’s go. Where are you headed?


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